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Tambahan beberapa Blog Direktori:

  1. 9Rules: Its a human edited collection of quality blogs from around the world on different topics, getting listed here will speak volumes about your quality. They have a periodic submissions pattern, so you need to track them often. Not for new comers, but a must if you prove your self as a serial blogger. Bookmark this.
  2. Technorati:Everyone submits to technorati, so why shouldnt you? There aim is to derive the best content from the blogosphere, and if you have the quality they would be happy to give you the traffic, make sure you go through the blog guidelines before submitting.
  3. BlogCatalog: A must! it powers your blog with capability of a social community and helps you connect and spread your blog to the people with similar tastes. As I have mentioned, it provides your with ample opportunity for that 5 minutes of fame.
  4. Blogarama: A simple blog directory, with free and paid listing. You can get rated here, and appear in different categories such as cool! and popular. They list you down into different categories.
  5. Syndic8: Its not just blog directories which matter, your feed needs to play as well. So this is a place for you.
  6. Poweredbywp: In case you are a word press fan!
  7. High Class Blogs: Maintained like good ol’ days
  8. Boing Boing: Can be difficult to get in if you are new,  as it is a web directory of all good things, but if you think you have some quality stuff to be shared! You definitely want to be here.
  9. Ageless Project: A fun way to try!
  10. Bogor Topsites : Blog direktori dari jaringan
  11. My TopSites : Patut dicoba, Blog Direktori buatan sendiri (
  12. Atau mau mencoba Blog Direktori Produk Dalam Negeri?

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